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Special fasteners

Inter-Metal Sp. J. is a fastener manufacturer that has been operating continuously since 1983. Such extensive experience has allowed us to introduce many manufacturing specializations.

We specialize in full preparation and technological production processes of brass, copper and aluminum fasteners and highly specialized production of dedicated fasteners made of alloy steel, stainless steel and acid resistant steel.

Therefore our daily routine is a full manufacturing process, starting from engineer analysis and preparation of the full technological process, selection of the most suitable material, carrying out the required mechanical processing and chemical treatment processes, quality control and tests in our laboratory. Such a comprehensive and individual approach to each product, allows us for huge production flexibility. Paired with attention to every detail we consistently are able  to guarantee the highest quality of product and its future performance.

Such openness to challenges allows us to regularly cooperate with the most demanding clients from all over Europe. Their demands and requests helps us to raise the level of our specialization in the production of non-normative and non-standard fasteners.

Thanks to the use of alloy steel, we make unique fasteners for various types of structures and for various atmospheric environments. Our products are available in various strength classes: 5.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9, additionally coated with anticorrosive coatings (galvanic zinc, hot galvanizing, Geomet 321, Geomet 500).

The use of such specialized materials like e.g. austenitic steel allows for the implementation of unique, individual projects. Characteristics of that matrial, despite its unhardenability, like best corrosion resistance, high susceptibility to machining, with parallel maintanance of appropriate mechanical properties yields new opportunities for dedicated fasteners. The fineness of this material is not without impact on high parameters achieved by cold curing, crushing, very high heat resistance, impact resistance and weldability.

Carefully selected components combined with outstanding engineering knowledge allow us to implement many fastening solutions according to provided documentation. That is always combined with a quality execution of the highest world standards.

We encourage you to cooperate and benefit from our knowledge and experience.

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