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'Non-profit' activities

On constant basis we aupport young adepts of art of engineering in their development projects.

From March 2019 we have been working closely with students of the Wrocław University of Technology operating in the scientific development project of the construction of a racing car. Using our experience gained during NANOFIX project, which is dedicated to the development production scheme of ultra-light elements made of hydrostatically extruded aluminum alloys and titanium, we produce short series of light fasteners to be mounted within the construction of the racing cart. The main task to be carried out in this aspect is to reduce the total weight of the car as much as possible.

PWR Racing Team is a team of about 50 students who, since 2009, design and build Formula A cars themselves, which then compete in international competitions for young engineers. So far, 10 vehicles with an internal combustion engine have already been built in their garage.

The Formula Student competition takes place on the most famous tracks in the world, such as Hockenheimring, Silverstone or Red Bull Ring. They are organized and evaluated by judges from well-known automotive companies, such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, FCA or Dallara. During these racing weekends, evaluation includes the performance of carts on the track during race as well as engineering solutions and business knowledge.

PWR Racing Team is a real vestibule to the world of motoring. Team members find employment in the most well-known and most prestigious automotive companies, such as Scuderia Ferrari, Bentley or Skoda Motorsport.

The RTX car is the tenth car that has been entirely designed and made by PWR Racing Team members. Its supporting structure consists of a monocoque made of a carbon fiber composite with an aluminum spacer and a steel frame that functions as a motor cage. The car uses a two-link push-rod suspension with three shock absorbers in the T-bar system for the front axle. The U-bar stabilizer is mounted on the rear axle. The low-profile 16-inch Hoosier tires have been mounted on proprietary carbon fiber rims. The heart of the car is the Honda CBR 600RR engine with 85HP and 63Nm of torque along with the original intake system made of carbon fiber and with titanium exhaust manifold. The car's ergonomics has been adapted for drivers from the team. The hand-made steering wheel has a 4-inch high contrast display. The modular electric beam was created from elements used in military aircraft to ensure its low mass and reliability. Pneumatic gear change takes less than 80 milliseconds.

In 2017 season, as the first Polish student team ever, PWR Racing Team won the entire edition of Formula Student Italy. Since then, they have consistently been among the best teams in the world. In 2018 they took third and second place respectively in the general classification at competitions in Italy and the Czech Republic. The competition in which they are unquestioned champions is Acceleration—PWR Racing Team cars from 0 to 100km / s accelerate in 3.2 seconds. For three years they have regularly won this challenge in numerous competitions.

The project would not be possible without Wrocław University of Technology and technical partners, including Inter-Metal Radom.

We invite you to cheer for young and ambitious individuals who, thanks to such projects, acquire experience that will allow them to improve our world in the future.

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