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A4-100 / A4-120

The experience and full knowledge of technology and manufacturing capabilities allows us to implement remarkable projects that we always develop in such a way that allow for continuous and repeatable production.

Starting already from the specific production of raw material during metallurgical processes through the proprietary method of quenching, tempering and strengthening the material in several different production phases, we can produce stainless steel bolts and nuts with parameters of Rm exceeding 1200 MPa.

These products can be accordingly accredited by external audits of inspectors associated inall leading auditing guilds.

We do screws—Once & forever!!!



Through research and development carried out jointly with the Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, specific solutions have been demonstrated that allow the production of stainless steel fasteners from austenitic steels (A4-80, A4-100 and A4-120 with dimensions of details larger than those provided for in shape standards) and aluminum and titanium alloys (with high tensile strength parameters, which allows the production of ultra-light fasteners corresponding to steel products of classes 8.8 and 10.9).

We conciliate different category material properties like high durability and high corrosion resistance or temperature endurance, optionally extended by extra values brought by weight reduction. Combining above we receive an innovative series of screws and bolts, that will offer much more beyond a standardised fastener unit.

In an innovative process of obtaining material nanostructure through hydroextrusion we are able to produce fasteners that unify different material properties in an extent currently not available on the trade market.

Our technological line allows the production of multi-shape bolts and screws with elevated, above-standard strength and fatigue resistance parameters using the components of raw material strengthening technologies in the process of cumulative hydrostatic extrusion. As a result a fully certified new generation of fasteners, characterized by above-standard strength, combined with additional values related to the properties of the material used can be introduced to the market.

On a very extensive fasteners market there are some solutions, which can be acclaimed as having similiar characteristics to our development. That are options which incorporate special nickel and chromium alloys, which, as per high raw material cost, are very expensive market proposals, manufactured only for special requests. Different alternative, which is also very close to our proposal is a family of fasteners called BUMAX being a class of austenitic steel of non-standard chemical composition. The advantage of fasteners from our production is its internal nanostructure, what guarantees higher tensile strenght and lesser risk of intergranular corrosion than BUMAX product. Our dimension scope i salso bigger than this alternative.

In comparison to the standard use of fasteners in the form of bolts and screws, the entire product family will be characterized by:

• increased mechanical strength significantly exceeding standard material standards

• high anti-corrosion properties with a very limited possibility of intergranular corrosion

• low weight

• extended service life

• nanostructure

• high material hardness

The use of non-corrosive material in fasteners production also has very important side-effect – it helps to reduce dangerous to environment chemical wastege resulting from producing of zinc coatings applications. Our proposal innovatively extends the selection of heavy-duty fastening connections giving the ability to resign from the use of zinc plated solutions and focus only on stainless materials.

The product itself is of high quality and will meet the expectations related to non-obvious and hard-to-reach combination of extreme strength with very low weight, or high operational strength with high anti-corrosion or heat resistance. Excessive parameters and special properties make the product innovative on the market and will combine criteria not available in a wide market range. It combines expectations usually assigned to 2 different categories of products: either of high tensile strenght or high corrosion resistance.

Due to increase of mechanical parameters after hydroextrusion, a new class of products is created, providing new options for a long-term usage. The achieved life-cycle extension automatically helps to extended the life of assemblies in which the fastener works and limits the amount of test checks, repairs and periodical safety exchange of fastening connections. Application of a high-end fastener that combines extreme durability and high anti-corrosion properties gives the user wide rational spectrum of benefits, especially in the long-term, reducing all servicing costs, what also limits costs for the environment.

Production of A4-100/A4-120 bolting falls under a very important social aspect -gives the opportunity to introduce circular economy solutions, with clear achievabales like:

  • ·        reduction of consumables during production process due to conversion to newly introduced technology set-up
  • ·        reduction of raw material demand required for production
  • ·        elimination of the use of environmently hostile solutions required during anti-corrosion coating application


Excessive parameters and special properties make the product innovative on the market and will meet combined criteria not available in a wide market range. The product combines the expectations so far usually assigned to two different categories of products: either of high tensile strenght or high corrosion resistance.

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