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Corporate Social Responsibilty


Our Policy

Each day we are all facing the challenge to reduce environmental devastation and to change our mindset for pro-ecological actions on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, in our work we are guided by several prime principles aimed for waste reduction and greenhouse gas emissions. As an effect, our entire manufacturing process is supported by appropriate recycling schemes for post-production waste and re-processing of lubricating oils and fluids.

Furthermore, in order to have a wider impact on environmental awareness, we have also introduced clear rules within our delivery programme. We have introduced an internal system of minimum shipment quantities of our products, what to certain extent will reduce car exhaust. To limit the amount of kilometers unnecessarily driven by courier companies, we send packages to our customers only after exceeding the appropriate quantitative and weight limit, trying to maximize the largest possible number of different orders within one shipment.

What today can make an impression of a small and insignificant thing, can reach a large scale in the long-term. Therefore, we assume that every, even the smallest change in caring for the environment is priceless.

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