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Our tools for success

Above all, Inter-Metal Sp.J. is an experienced engineering team, that can effectively use its knowledge and experience to develop product manufacturing technology, that can always guarantee the highest possible quality for our customers.

In order to be able to carry out all projects commissioned to us by our many loyal clients, we also have a vast machine park. Our resources contain of more than 50 different types of machines and devices, which allow us to implement different and complex sophisticated fastener designs.

Our production is located within two production halls, containing additional warehouse space and a delivery zone, in which a key location is resereved  for our research and test laboratory and quality control point.

Our machine park includes classic tooling machines for machining, milling, rolling and turning. Among our collection, we also have real 'gems', such as machines from Warren, Hilgeland, VEB Werna, Sima and the legendary Ingramatic.

This unique set of reliable machines is complemented by eight numerically controlled (CNC) modern american machines developed Haas Industries

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